Driver Appreciation Week 2016

It has been a great week here at WF. As we get ready to wrap up Driver Appreciation Week, we would like to share something from Richard Toya, our Transportation Director. He said it best... "When it comes to delivery and service, we are unequaled in our profession. You guys are THE BEST!"

Here are some of our driver bios!

Mike Castle is our longest tenured driver and has been with us since 1994. His route is Tuscaloosa, which works out great for a Bama fan like Mike!


Rod Bailey grew up in Eastlake and he and his family have too many pets at home to count. Since 1996, his favorite thing on the route is to interact with his longtime customers. Rod is looking forward to fall weather but will still wear shorts all year round. Thanks for all you do, Rod!


Tim Early has been on the road with Wood Fruitticher since 1997. There are lots of sports activities at home with the kids so they enjoy cheering them on year round at their games. 
And this time of year, when Early drives in early, he is always on the lookout for deer on the road. Thanks for all you do, Tim!


Thursday was bbq day from Rusty's Bar-B-Q. Jonathan Daniels went strictly with red sauce! Thanks for all you do, Jonathan!