RECIPE: Made-in-Minutes Potato Salad

From Conagra:

"Gulden's Goes Great with Grilling"

Although many have tried to duplicate Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard, the coveted blend of select seeds and spices, strict adherence to a formula that has been closely guarded for over 100 years, and patented production process safeguards Guldens' reputation as the gold standard of the brown mustard industry.

Its unique zest makes Gulden's a great ingredient for recipes of all types. In addition to pairing perfectly with hot dogs and hamburgers, Gulden's spices up sandwiches and adds pizzazz to picnics, as in this potato salad recipe.

    Made-in-Minutes Potato Salad


            2 pounds small red skin potatoes (about 20), well scrubbed

Full recipe (and more) here.